COE Awarded Contract for DOD Strategic Human Capital Planning Division Management Support, Data Analysis and Reporting

Rockville, Md. (May 14, 2014) - The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) today announced their award for the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Services (DCPAS) Strategic Human Capital Planning Division (SHCPD) to provide support in the areas of workforce planning, data analysis and reporting. DCPAS SHCPD develops policy and guidance for civilian human capital planning initiatives to shape and improve the civilian workforce in support of national defense requirements.

COE and its exclusive partner, AE Strategies, have joined together as Team COE to provide strategic, operational, and advisory consulting support to SHCPD. Team COE will assist SHCPD in developing policy and guidance for civilian human capital planning initiatives by providing workforce planning and analytical support, competency model development, validation and assessment support.

During Team COE's four-year partnership with SHCPD and the DCPAS program, we have gained a strong understanding of the Department, its role as a leader for defense human capital, and its complex stakeholder environment. Team COE will help SHCPD with the ontime delivery of their biennial Strategic Workforce Plan while at the same time assisting them in their strategic objective to institutionalize workforce planning throughout DoD.

"We understand the critical role SHCPD plays in helping the DoD determine whether it has sufficient staff, in the right occupations, with the necessary skills and competencies to achieve their mission," said Lyn McGee, vice president of national security solutions. "Together, Team COE's strategic workforce consulting solutions will help SHCPD more efficiently and effectively identify competency gaps and the tools, resources and training needed to close them." Together, Team COE will help SHCPD achieve overarching goals of improving strategic management of human capital, closing skill gaps for mission-critical occupations, and establishing a repeatable reporting process for future report years.

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