Corporate Culture

The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) prides itself on a culture of citizenship, a culture focused on the connections, dependences and responsibilities that make a community. We each play a role in speaking up, telling constructive truths, giving our best, and working towards the systematic health of our selves, colleagues, clients, partners and the company. Each one of these entities is intrinsically linked and the good of any one part cannot be attained at the expense of another. Who you are, as a citizen, a member of the community, and as an individual, matters at COE.

Being a COE Citizen is a universal standard applied equally to the president and our newest employees. We expect the best out of our people and our leadership. Being a COE Citizen isn't for everyone, but for those who have been looking for a company that doesn't make you check your best self at the door, COE is a welcome change of pace.

Read more below to see how COE's Five Citizen Attributes help drive our corporate culture, interactions with each other and our relationships with our clients.




  • Engaging in meaningful dialog to uncover truths
  • Doing the right thing - always
  • Being solution focused
  • Being open-minded


  • Helping to solve problems with confidence
  • Listening to support understanding
  • Embracing change
  • Finding opportunities to help achieve






  • Rigorous quality and professionalism
  • Never settling for less than perfect
  • Following established processes and policies
  • Understanding and living COE norms


  • Consistency in all activities, communications and outputs
  • Being an advocate and ambassador for COE Quality
  • Devoting energy and displaying commitment to relationships, practices, methodologies and artifacts




  • Everything has a cause and effect
  • Living Organizational Effectiveness
  • Every interaction, no matter how small, makes an impact
  • Relationships and results outlive project lifecycles


  • Helping to find the right solution, no matter your role
  • Being proactive
  • Understanding that daily activities contribute to overarching goals
  • Taking ownership




  • Engaging in the dialogue
  • Asking the tough questions
  • Desire for a deeper understanding
  • Intellectual curiosity for the root meaning


  • Listening between the lines
  • Striving to find the root cause or reason
  • Always focusing on the right results
  • Not accepting the status quo




  • Changing your orientation or belief system
  • Learning a new approach or skill
  • Trying a new technique
  • Changing something about yourself 
  • Openness to change and growth


  • Changing who you are
  • Adjusting your behaviors 
  • Using courage to fight awkwardness, discomfort or fear
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone 
  • Pushing and extending beyond your known abilities