Optimizing Your Agency's Cyber Workforce Strategy

Recruiting and retaining cybersecurity talent is one of the five key objectives of the President's Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP). Through CSIP. the federal government is putting forth significant resources to ensure that agencies are able to address their critical cybersecurity challenges. However, tackling these challenges is not an easy task. There are significant hurdles that, if not properly addressed, could stifle the most well-intentioned cyber strategies. Agencies must contend with:

  • a nationwide shortage of cybersecurity talent
  • hiring delays due to cumbersome business processes
  • gaps in agencies' understanding of their cyber workforce needs and cyber skills
  • outdated classification standards for federal cyber occupations
  • a lack of diversity within the current cyber workforce
  • human resources systems that don't adequately capture cyber personnel data
  • a need for greater mobility for current federal employees to move into cybersecurity positions

The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise needed to help you better understand your current cyber capabilities, identify talent and competency gaps, anticipate future cyber needs, and close staffing gaps.