Human Capital Support Services



This is an ongoing project that provides the director and senior leadership of the Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Services (DCPAS) the ability to improve human capital (HC) program delivery and organizational performance through dedicated access to thought leadership and expertise.

Customer Challenges:

The director of DCPAS, facing significant ongoing challenges to maintaining momentum with change initiatives and with the senior leadership decisively engaged in managing a global HR/HC operation, identified a need for external support. The need was for a flexible option, under direct control of the front office, to provide expanded capability in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and Human Capital Management (HCM).


COE assembled a HC Advisory and Support Services Team to partner with the Director's Office. The team, with expertise in DoD HC and HR operations, DoD Component operations, program and project management, general HCM expertise and institutional research, works on-site with DCPAS to provide direct support. The small, on-site team is readily available to the senior leadership team and coordinates additional assets for delivering a broad set of capabilities as needed. The team provides HC advisory and support services in the areas of:

  • Strategy Development
  • Facilitation and Coordination
  • Research and Analysis
  • Independent Third-Party Program Assessments
  • Program Design and Development
  • Human Capital Advice
  • Human Resource Advice
  • Communications and Change Management

Strategy Development: COE advisors work with the director and staff to develop strategies for DCPAS and supporting programs across the entire range of operations and cross-component programs. For example, the COE team assisted in refreshing the DCPAS strategic plan using the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) as a touchstone. A key innovation involved moving programs from the strategic plan to "integrated" business operations for tracking via dashboard.

In addition, COE assisted in tying objectives and initiatives directly into team and individual performance standards.

HC and HR Counsel: COE has supported the DCPAS Director's Office by providing expert advice on matters pertaining to existing and anticipated DoD HC and HR programs. This support included but is not limited to impact analysis on changing requirements, best practice/benchmarking support, and decision support services for developing courses of action for senior DCPAS leaders.

Independent Third-Party Program Assessments: COE provides resources to plan, conduct and report on assessments of programs and offices throughout DCPAS. For example, COE conducted a DCPAS-wide culture assessment to evaluate employee satisfaction and perceptions of the DCPAS work environment. COE used the results of the assessment to assist in the identification, development, and implementation of solutions for ensuring DCPAS' success.


The on-site, day-to-day assistance provided by COE helps DCPAS translate and integrate innovations and ideas into action plans, design and maintain a strategic initiative tracking system, and provide quick turnaround research for the Director's Office. The COE team gives DCPAS senior leaders access to HC advisors and strategists who provide insight, build tangible business plans, and formulate guidance, giving the Director the ability to focus on managing operations and completing key initiatives.

For seven years, COE has provided daily support to DCPAS. As a result, DCPAS is more effective and efficient in delivering its mission.