Information Technology Consulting

Organizational effectiveness and its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure are inextricably interconnected. Our IT consultants are rooted in the same holistic philosophy that informs our Organizational Effectiveness and Human Capital consultants. COE often pairs management and IT consultants on single engagements to deliver meaningful results, such as developing an effective enterprise system, or implementing IT solutions as part of a change management initiative; combining an automated performance management tool with a revised organizational performance structure; or utilizing an online knowledge management tool to support a change management initiative. These are all examples of the synergy between the two practice areas that leverages the best of both to deliver holistic success to our clients.

We help organizations think through big picture questions such as business intent, inter-operability, architecture, long-term IT strategies and the "after next" IT posture. We aren't limited, however, to high-level IT strategy. We also deliver operational results across a broad range of enterprise IT systems development and implementation solutions.

COE IT Consulting solutions include: