IT Program Evaluation

Federal agencies sometimes find themselves struggling on IT projects due to duplicated efforts, nebulous requirements, continuous scope changes, or shifting definitions of long-term IT priorities. It is hard to take a step back from the day-to-day work to analyze the whole system or project. COE can provide an independent, third-party IT program evaluation to measure the expected outcomes against the program objectives. This assessment can be used to help craft a holistic, integrated IT plan.

Understanding that IT solutions do not exist in a vacuum, COE uses our proven Organizational Effectiveness Framework to understand the impact of an IT system by analyzing the people, processes, and organizational structure.

COE's approach to IT Program Evaluation usually consists of three phases:

  • Analysis Design Plan: Examines goals, data collection methods and tools, planned analysis, anticipated reports and a project schedule. 
  • Data Collection: Uses of interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc. to determine the most appropriate way of measuring and monitoring a program's success.
  • Recommendations and Reporting: Fact-based objective and fair presentation of findings, conclusions, and recommendations in a persuasive manner in accordance with the agency's needs and requirements.