IT Program Management Office (PMO) Solutions

At its best, independent IT Program Management can help an agency see the big picture, position for future growth and reach broader organizational goals while at the same time keeping numerous projects on-time and on-budget. Our experience has shown us that no matter the program or IT system, successful program management begins with developing a strategy grounded in a common definition and understanding of "success" by all key stakeholders.

COE collaborates with its customers to achieve time-based new development objectives while simultaneously managing on-going, repetitive IT tasks and requirements-often two different work streams, requiring different strategies. Our project management approach is a blended solution that incorporates PMBOK best practices and Agile methodologies to manage enterprise software development to achieve an on-time, in-budget solution delivery that meets client expectations. 

Together with our clients, we help improve IT program effectiveness and efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, manage risks, eliminate redundancy, and automate processes saving agencies' time, resources and money.