Program and Project Assessment & Planning

In a period of constrained budget and increased pressures, agency survival is predicated on the ability to be more economical, effective, and efficient. This requires continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of key programs.

COE program evaluations measure the degree to which programs are accomplishing their goals and contributing to the organizational mission as intended without duplication or fragmentation. We also examine cost, resource allocations, and schedule and evaluate them against expected outcomes. Our methodology helps agencies identify risks and determine the best ways to adjust investments and structure interventions for greater effectiveness. COE solutions help agencies design and implement outcome-based programs effectively and transform existing programs.

Our clients have tapped our program evaluation capabilities to accomplish outcomes as varied as:

  • Improving complex grant programs to be more effective and cost less;
  • Determining success in efficiently meeting the requirements of Executive mandates;
  • Achieving meaningful and measurable outcomes for enterprise IT systems to ensure effectiveness, on-time and within budget constraints;
  • Assessing the roll-out of government-wide accountability programs, making recommendations to improve adoption rates and increase compliance.