Quality Assurance Program

Every aspect of COE's project management approach is designed to ensure that client service/deliverable quality meets and/or exceeds the client's expectations. Our proven Quality Management System ensures that COE's services are designed in accordance with customer requirements; supported by accessible processes, templates, and job aids; consistently executed and compliant with required quality levels; and continuously improved to meet the client's changing business requirements and environment.

Through our quality management process, we seek to continuously improve the work performed through analysis of the existing assets, audits and peer reviews, and constant monitoring and control. Quality Assurance involves the combination of ongoing monitoring of key processes, internal control, process and risk-based audits, as well as management system reviews to validate that all processes are in accordance with the specific performance requirements of the customer. After the contract is awarded, we meet with the program/project manager to review the proposed Quality Control program, and make adjustments (as necessary) based on the specific objectives and desired metrics of the project. Once in place, data collection and analysis may begin on the processes being performed. This approach is not an isolated process, as COE strongly recommends revisiting the Quality Control program throughout the course of the program/project to ensure alignment between progress (or lack thereof) and stated objectives.