Taking Human Capital Management and Human Resources Information Technology Systems to the Next Level



To provide strategic planning, advisory, and management support services to the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) - the Department of Defense's (DOD) enterprise leader for civilian personnel policy and human resources (HR) solution development and delivery. COE's solution encompasses both functional and technical initiatives in the areas of human capital management (HCM) and HR information technology (IT) systems. More specifically, COE supports DCPAS with strategic planning; program and project management; organizational effectiveness assessments; decision analysis; workforce planning; change management; business process improvement; leadership assessment and coaching; performance management; employee engagement; career websites; HR operations support; communications, outreach, and marketing; as well as systems design, development, and maintenance. 


DOD's civilian workforce is both large and complex - it comprises nearly 800,000 employees, including appropriated and non-appropriated fund personnel, full- and part-time personnel, permanent and temporary personnel, excepted and non-excepted personnel, deployed civilians, and various other types of employees. Given the size and complexity of DOD's workforce, integrated HR policy, processes, operations, and IT systems are essential at every stage of the HR management mission. In today's environmentof diminishing resources, while the United States remains on a war-time footing, DOD personnel policy is a critical tool for driving efficiency and effectiveness across the department.


Strategic Planning and Workforce Assessment/Planning: In accordance with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF), COE assisted DCPAS in developing the first Civilian Human Capital Strategic Plan for DOD. We also developed and implemented an associated Accountability System to monitor HR compliance and the success of human capital initiatives throughout DOD. In support of the Strategic Human Capital Planning Division (SHCPD), COE assisted with the conceptualization and drafting of multiple iterations of the DOD Strategic Workforce Plan, and the development of several competency models for mission-critical occupations. Additionally, COE conducted a DCPAS-wide employee engagement survey, and provided recommendations for optimizing Division functions and workforce motivation. COE also conducted extensive executive development for the Civilian Senior Executive Management Division (CSEMD), as well as supporting the development of policy for the efficient use of DOD's Executive Performance Appraisal Tool. Another example of our support in this area is the design, development, and delivery of the Human Resource Professional Career Framework, which provides HR professionals with a career tool to help identify their current competencies, competencies needed to progress in their career, and possible courses to close their competency gaps.


Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation/Change Management: COE guided DCPAS' transformation of its organizational lines of authority, roles and responsibilities, and functional alignment, as well as provided a change management and communications strategy for the Agency's physical relocation of its employees, physical assets, and IT infrastructure to the Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. COE also facilitated the transition of functional management of the Defense Talent Management System from the Army to DCPAS; as well as planning, conducting, and analyzing an enterprise-wide survey focusing on the effectiveness of labor-management relations. In the case of the latter, COE provided numerous recommendations to guide DCPAS in positively transforming its labor-management climate.


Performance Management: Within the CSEMD performance management portfolio, COE conducted in-depth analyses of performance appraisal results at the Component and DOD levels. COE also developed a Performance Management Certificate Program, which enables HR professionals to advance their knowledge in the area of performance management.


HR Program Support: COE provided program management support for the Defense Enterprise Hiring Solution by developing program guidelines, designing program elements, communicating program implementation, and conducting hiring and metrics analysis. In addition, COE provided project management office support for the presidentially-mandated hiring reform initiative by developing hiring reform action plans, strategic communications plans, business cases, change control processes, and training plans.


HR Systems Development and Integration: COE supported the Information Services Division of DCPAS in developing approaches, coordinating systems upgrades and modifications, and providing general support to a host of websites, databases, and other tools for DCPAS. For the Defense Enterprise Hiring Solution Project, COE developed websites and provided project management for the DOD implementation of USA Staffing, as well as enterprise architecture documentation. Additionally, COE provided design and development, maintenance, and administration support for the MyDCPAS SharePoint 2010 project server and website environment.



COE's work has impacted nearly every division in DCPAS and has supported successful execution of the DCPAS mission across DOD. For example, the DCPAS Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Team received a rating of satisfied or extremely satisfied from 70 percent of survey respondents, and a commendation from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy (DASD(CPP)). In addition, COE's leadership of the DASD(CPP) hiring metrics effort was so successful that the customer sent it forward to OPM with a recommendation that DCPAS' methodology be used as a Government-wide standard. Furthermore, COE's support of an organizational zero-based review helped develop a common baseline for how each DOD Component carries out its missions and priorities, as well as how each employs their personnel, budgets, and management resources. This review allowed DOD to re-balance resources within and across Components to better align its most critical challenges and priorities. Finally, COE's assistance in designing the Accountability System and reporting on DOD's Civilian Human Capital Strategic Plan resulted in DOD receiving recognition from OPM as the gold standard in its first year of operation; our multi-year imprint and pursuit of continuous process improvement with the labor-management relations assessment enabled DOD to achieve a 50% year-over-year increase in survey response rate between 2011 and 2012; and COE's assistance with competency development has led DOD to achieve its goal of having reportable competency models for all assessable Mission Critical Occupations.