To guide our service to our clients, COE focuses on our 4 Quadrants of Quality-our internal framework for delivering the best value to each client. In each of the four areas: Client Relations, Consulting Practices, Methodologies, and Artifacts, our clients can expect integrity, clarity, communication, and a holistic approach based on our Organizational Effectiveness Framework™.

Four Quadrants of COE
With COE’s 4 Quadrants of Quality, our clients can expect integrity, clarity, communication, and a holistic approach to solving problems.

Client Relations are defined by the professional bond we create with our clients to create positive results that endure. COE enables quality client relationships by:

  • Focusing on the client’s best interests
  • Understanding the organizational context and needs of our client to ensure our support meets both surface and structural needs
  • Clearly articulating expectations for outcomes, outputs, roles and responsibilities, schedules, cost, etc., and periodically revisiting the agreed to expectations to ensure we are on track
  • Responding quickly to questions, inquires, or concerns
  • Meeting our commitments

Consulting Practices are the means by which we deliver professional advice and services to help client’s improve their organization’s performance. Quality consulting practices are characterized by:

  • Listening carefully and without bias
  • Focusing on a holistic solution for systematic results
  • Delivering solutions and artifacts that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely
  • Exercising sound judgment based on facts, experience, and developed intuition

Methodologies are the tasks and activities we execute to achieve a specific outcome. Quality methodologies are characterized by:

  • Using both qualitative and quantitative data to test and confirm hypothesis before determining solutions and recommendations
  • Validating findings through multiple data sources
  • Using open dialog to further understand the challenges, identify lessons learned from previous efforts, and solicit feedback on recommendations
  • Recommending proven, clearly articulated, complete, and appropriately sequenced tasks and activities that achieve the intended result

Artifacts are the products and deliverables we create. They are the lasting legacy we leave with clients to help guide forward direction. Artifacts may be reports, guides, presentations, workflows, software, or plans. Quality artifacts are characterized by:

  • Answering the question at hand in a clear, concise, and logical manner
  • Being substantively and grammatically correct, clear, and articulate
  • Focusing on the client’s needs