The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) today announced its award by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the review and analysis of  their Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS). Findings, recommendations and a draft execution plan, complete with short- and long-term actions for improvement will be presented to SEC executive management.

“SEC leaders recognize that a rigorous evaluation of the EVS is crucial to understanding the impact that culture, perception and environment have on employee satisfaction and performance,” said Lyn McGee, COE’s vice president of strategic development. “COE’s role is to provide a holistic, non-partisan analysis that enables management to enact immediate, positive changes in its workforce, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire agency.”

COE is pleased to continue its long-standing relationship with the SEC, which began in 2007 when the company supported the Office of Human Resources (OHR) in a major business improvement effort. COE helped SEC improve and re-engineer many of OHR’s procedures. As a result, the agency saw an improvement in organizational effectiveness, overall customer service, and retention of organizational knowledge.

Being awarded another review and analysis project shows the SEC’s continued confidence in COE as a thought leader in organizational assessment and human capital consulting, as well as its commitment to providing comprehensive, conclusive and actionable recommendations.

“COE’s expertise in data gathering and analysis allows for a more efficient and effective baseline assessment,” said Jenny Oh, COE senior consultant. “Our process also protects the SEC from implementing recommendations for improving employee satisfaction based on faulty or misleading data.”

About COE

For 28 years, The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) has been a trusted partner in helping our clients measurably improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations through a broad range of management and technology consulting solutions. We work collaboratively with clients to align strategy, processes, and people to perform at their best, allowing them to deliver results and achieve mission objectives. Headquartered in the Washington DC area, we offer organizational effectiveness, performance management, strategic human capital consulting, technology consulting solutions for program management and governance, systems development and integration, as well as data warehousing and business intelligence.

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