The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc (COE) announced today a contract award from the Department of Interior (DOI), National Park Service (NPS), Workforce and Inclusion (W&I) to conduct a performance review of the entire HR department. This review will result in a transformational plan that will prepare the HR workforce and related processes and systems to be a high performing organization.

COE will conduct a performance review that will include analysis of functional area practices, processes, policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), organizational structures, governance, technology, budget, staff bench strength, and more. COE will then develop a transformation plan, provide change management support, and provide performance management support.

COE has supported many agencies with performance management, change management, strategic planning, and transformation and restructuring and will bring those experiences and knowledge to this project.

“Effective HR is critical to complex parks management and hiring programs. COE is excited to be able to guide the transformation to be a more efficient, effective, and credible organization,” said Steve Goodrich, COE President and CEO.

About COE

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