The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) announced today a contract award from the Small Business Association (SBA), Office of Performance Management (OPM) to provide support in the implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act (GPRAMA).

COE will provide SBA with technical assistance, conduct primary research, provide training and perform analysis as needed to support the Agency’s evaluation of its programs.

COE leverages more than 27 years of organizational effectiveness consulting evaluating large multi-consistency, multi-agency government clients. The company will bring strong expertise as well as past experience working with SBA to provide result-driven outcomes for SBA’s OPM.

“COE is excited about continuing our work with the SBA CIO to help align functions and resources to strengthen their capacity” said Steve Goodrich, President and CEO of COE.

About COE

For nearly 35 years, COE has been a trusted partner in helping our clients transform their organizations and programs to more efficiently and effectively accomplish their mission. We help our clients achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes by designing and delivering strategy and development consulting solutions in the areas of organizational effectiveness, human capital, information technology and data management. For more information, visit us at