The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) announced today their award for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) Infrastructure and Project Management Office Support. EHRI provides a single source for integrated federal workforce information. It is the largest government human resources database in the world and is fundamental to OPM’s ability to build and sustain a high-performing federal workforce.

COE and its partner, Deloitte LLP, have joined together as Team COE to support this project. The team brings extensive human capital experience in designing and streamlining benefits and retirement programs, as well as providing workforce analytics. Team COE will support OPM’s vision for maintaining, upgrading, and enhancing the EHRI solution, providing one human resource system that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness across the government. Team COE’s solution will incorporate a realistic plan for future improvements including automating processes, streamlining systems, and developing new features to support future agency directives, executive orders, legislative requirements, and priorities.

During COE’s 10-year partnership with OPM and the EHRI Program, we have gained a strong understanding of OPM at the agency level, its role as a leader for federal human capital, and the agency’s IT environment.

“We are proud of our history of supporting OPM successes and contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the EHRI initiative,” said Steve Goodrich, COE president and chief executive officer. “Together, Team COE will help OPM advance to the next level in providing innovative solutions that set the standard for high-performing federal human resource information technology solutions.”

About COE

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