On August 9, 2017, COE hosted the first Agency Reform Summit. Hear what your fellow agency colleagues think about the Reform Initiative. Click on the infographic thumbnail to check out the live polling results from the event!

Agency Reform Summit Polling Results Infographic

The OMB Directive Has Been Set

In the recently published Administration’s Memorandum M-17-22, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directs all federal agencies to develop reform plans that will create a more lean, accountable, and efficient government for the American people. It is the most involved and detailed reform requirement of any Administration. Aggressive and holistic action is required by every agency in 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond to accomplish this.

Agencies must begin taking immediate action. By June 30 of this year, agencies must develop and submit a draft high-level reform plan to OMB that identifies reforms in agency programs (goals and objectives consistent with the FY18 budget blueprint), policy, how they will maximize employee performance, progress on workforce reductions, and more.

The multitude of factors that agencies will need to consider and the level of analysis needed to develop these plans will require a holistic and detailed approach that addresses strategic intent; program granularity to create efficiency; and, eliminating barriers to delivering results. This presents a significant challenge to any organization, especially those that are still strongly mission-focused and getting leadership in place.

Let COE Help with the Heavy Lifting

COE’s nationally recognized approach to transforming organizations, our proven organizational effectiveness methodology, and our 30+ year track record of supporting federal agencies allow us to assist your agency in responding to the OMB directive quickly, comprehensively, and with validated approaches that will be implemented with success. We also have multiple contract vehicles in place to help you get started quickly.

Steve Goodrich—our President & CEO and Co-Chair of the Government Transformation Initiative—is the author of, “Transforming Government: From Congress to the Cubicle.” In this book, he describes the management approach and practices that need to take place to transform government and strengthen its capacity to serve the American people. The approaches addressed in the book are closely aligned with goals and objectives presented in the OMB Memorandum. Steve will be happy to meet with your agency’s leaders and provide you with a free copy of his book.

COE Can Assist You in…

  • Assessing agency and cross-agency programs for fit, efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability using multiple sources of evidentiary data
  • Developing a workforce realignment plan (workforce planning) that would result in continued effective application of resources
  • Aligning all organizational elements (see Organizational Effectiveness Framework) to maximize efficiency—human resources, processes, policy, information, technology, etc.—so that your agency is not caught unable to execute or have a lapse in performance



  • Training and coaching your managers, HR specialists, and others to prepare for and execute the plan
  • Providing program management office (PMO) support for this undertaking, including change management
  • Developing, tracking, and reporting agency performance and accountability
  • Integrating the reforms into agency strategy, human capital, investment, and other plans