The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) today announced its award by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) for the development of a strategic human capital plan. An actionable and sustainable strategic human capital plan is a critical first step in moving forward ONDCP’s vision of attracting and retaining high-performing, engaged employees.

“The best strategic plans not only articulate a vision for the future but also provide concrete steps to realizing that vision,” said Lyn McGee, COE’s vice president of strategic development. “The end goal is to give ONDCP a human capital road map that focuses staff expertise and links personal achievements goals to the strategic mission of the agency.”

COE is pleased to build on its long-standing partnership with ONDCP and the agency’s commitment to developing and sustaining a world-class workforce. In addition, COE has a long history of creating and implementing federal human capital strategies that align agency initiatives to a trained, prepared and capable workforce. Our previous work at ONDCP as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Defense, and Department of Housing and Urban Development has helped agencies quickly prepare for and execute complex strategic and human capital goals an in an ever-changing government environment.

“Mission success at ONDCP depends on having the right people in the right place with the right resources. We are honored to be a trusted partner at ONDCP and look forward to being a part of their future success in achieving a mission that touches us all,” said COE’s president and chief executive officer, Steve Goodrich.

About COE

For 28 years, The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) has been a trusted partner in helping our clients measurably improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations through a broad range of management and technology consulting solutions. We work collaboratively with clients to align strategy, processes, and people to perform at their best, allowing them to deliver results and achieve mission objectives. Headquartered in the Washington DC area, we offer organizational effectiveness, performance management, strategic human capital consulting, technology consulting solutions for program management and governance, systems development and integration, as well as data warehousing and business intelligence.

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