The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) president and chief executive officer, Steve Goodrich, along with other federal government experts published the white paper, “Making the Federal Government More Economical, Efficient, and Effective.” The publication, sponsored and prepared by the Government Transformation Initiative (GTI), describes a vision for a commission dedicated to identifying and implementing actionable ways to transform government with meaningful and measurable results.

According to the white paper, for every American citizen there is $51,000 of unsupported federal debt-which is unsustainable. The article calls for a focused, statutorily body to assess all programs and achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Steve Goodrich and co-authors outline the purpose of the commission, why it is necessary and potential roles and responsibilities of the commission. It also addresses basic governance, funding, and the establishment of an improvement and innovation fund. The commission would be designed to identify and implement initiatives that transform federal government programs and functions to be more economical, efficient and effective.

“There has never been a more critical time to help our government become more efficient and effective. Twenty-eight years ago, I founded COE, a management and technology consulting firm, to do just that,” said Steve. Goodrich. “GTI’s coalition of members supports COE’s same efforts and is committed to using sound business solutions to realize fed-wide efficiencies, effectiveness and cost savings. However, in order to do so, we need bold action, expert solutions and a fearless resolve to work together.”

Click to read the full white paper, “Making the Federal Government More Economical, Efficient, and Effective by Creating a Government Transformation Commission” or visit for more information.

About COE

For 29 years, The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) has been a trusted partner in helping to transform our clients” organizations and programs so they may efficiently and effectively accomplish their mission. We help our clients achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes through strategy, development, and implementation services in the areas of organizational effectiveness, human capital and technology solutions. Headquartered in the Washington DC area, we offer organizational effectiveness, performance management, strategic human capital consulting, technology consulting solutions for program management and governance, systems development and integration, as well as data warehousing and business intelligence.

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