The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) today announced that president and chief executive officer, Steve Goodrich, is one of the founders and a board of directors member of the newly formed Government Transformation Initiative (GTI). The board, comprised of committed business, nonprofit and academic leaders, supports passage of legislation that establishes a non-partisan federal commission to oversee and direct the transformation of the federal government.

David Walker, former comptroller of the United States and current CEO of the Comeback America Initiative, invited Steve Goodrich to participate in this undertaking as a voice for the government consulting industry and as a representative for the Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF).

“GTI was created to improve the efficiency, capability and credibility of the federal government,” said Steve Goodrich. “Just as COE strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each agency we work with, GTI will bring together the best and the brightest in order to align strategic efforts and provide recommendations on how to improve selected cross-cutting areas of government.”

GTI’s congressional-legislated commission will be comprised of presidentially appointed members who are capable, credible and non-conflicted leaders from various private, public and non-profit business sectors. The main activities of the commission include:

  • Reviewing selected major federal agencies and programs.
  • Analyzing and assessing findings.
  • Providing recommendations to Congress and the President of the United States.

The entire effort involves coordination with appropriate executive and legislative branch entities, and will draw upon past and ongoing work by government agencies, think tank firms and academic entities.

“GTI board members will support the coalition until legislation is enacted and a commission is established,” said Mr. Walker. “The primary focus of the board is to promote the objectives of GTI by hosting workshops, communicating with policymakers and the media, and providing the necessary resources to achieve effective results.”

Read GTI’s White Paper, “Making the Federal Government More Economical, Efficient, and Effective By Creating a Government Transformation Commission” at for more information.

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