Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Conceptually, business process improvement is a powerful model of change, emphasizing optimization of an organization’s core business processes. This contrasts sharply with the incremental and ultimately unsustainable “tinkering” that often characterizes organizational improvement efforts.

Quality at COE

Providing the most consistent, effective, and professional organizational improvement solutions to our clients, resulting in measurable and meaningful results.

COE recognizes that the work processes and systems employees function within are a critical determinant of organizational effectiveness. We help agencies analyze and transform business processes and workflow to optimize underlying structures and enable efficient and economical program service to the American people.

What Is BPI?

BPI is a change strategy designed to support restructuring, retooling, and customer-driven initiatives. As such, BPI allows you to:

  • Define and document your organization’s existing process activities, policies, practices, and facilitate understanding of the processes to staff and stakeholders
  • Conduct an analysis of the existing system to explore alternatives, brainstorm solutions, conduct benchmarking studies, and explore available technology
  • Envision and document an ideal view of your organizations desired future processes and establish clear objectives
  • Assess the gaps between the current and desired future states and develop a strategy for successful implementation
  • Develop an action plan that ad-dresses the process changes impact on your organization’s leadership, governance, people, resources and technology
  • Measure the effective results of the improvement effort

What Can COE Offer?

COE has provided BPI services to public and private sector organizations for many years, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness, improved technology, adoption of automated processes, and development of clear performance and outcome metrics. The overall result of our past work has been: improved outcomes, higher system capacity, and improved organizational effectiveness.


What Are the Benefits?

Our clients are finding greater productivity through the process improvements that we’ve helped them uncover, including:

  • Cost savings in more efficient processes
  • Retention of critical institutional knowledge
  • Satisfied end-users and customers
  • Standardized operations

For more information on how COE can help your organization, check out our Capabilities Statement.

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