The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) announced today their award to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) IT Support Specialized Technical Area 1 Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). This BPA supports OPM’s Office of Chief Information Officer (CIO) in purchasing, providing, and managing highly secure, reliable and cost-effective IT services.

“COE has a deep relationship with OPM giving us unparalleled insight into its business strategies and IT environments,” said Steve Goodrich, COE’s President and CEO. “Because of this long-term partnership, COE is uniquely positioned to continue providing high-performing, self-sustaining systems that support OPM’s IT mission.”

COE is excited about this procurement because they already have a history with OPM that spans more than 20 years of human capital management and human capital IT initiatives. For example, COE designed, developed and now maintains OPM’s Enterprise Human Resources Integration (eHRI) Program—a federal-wide data warehouse that stores employee data including information rights, benefits, entitlements, etc.

Being awarded the IT BPA shows the Agency’s continued confidence in Team COE as a thought leader in systems development and implementation as well as their dedication to designing high-impact, government IT programs.

“Our experienced enterprise architects and technology consultants have a stellar track record of building efficient enterprise processes and systems,” said James Bryan, COE former Vice President, Technology Solutions. “We have leveraged our experience in platform development and management for a broad range of federal clients and look forward to helping OPM employ innovative technologies to meet their goal of achieving excellence.”

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