"The government is on an unsustainable fiscal path and in need of major transformational reform in order to meet the needs of our country."

— Steve Goodrich


The purpose of the Government Transformation Initiative (GTI) is to make government more:



GTI Objectives

Establish a Commission – GTI’s primary focus is to support passage of legislation that establishes a non-partisan Federal Commission to oversee and direct the transformation of the federal government. The Government Transformation Commission will be a presidentially appointed commission whose members include capable, credible and non-conflicted leaders from various sectors of America. These Commissioners will have direct transformational change experience and provide oversight and leadership to set priorities, assign teams to carry out analysis and transformational activities, and represent this historic undertaking.


Main Activities of the Commission:

  1. Develop and implement a consistent methodology – Develop a framework or methodology that will ensure a systemic and consistent review of and action on programs, agencies, departments and cross governmental programs.
  2. Review federal government programs – Conduct a systematic, complete review of selected major federal agencies, programs, financial management and other areas, except those with enforcement and regulatory functions, by key area over several years, as directed by the Commission.
  3. Develop actions – Provide findings, recommendations and actionable solutions which, when adopted, result in a more efficient, fiscally sound and effective federal government at the government-wide, agency and program level.
  4. Send recommendations to the President and Congress – Recommendations that can be enacted by the President can be made directly. Recommendations requiring legislative action would be guaranteed a hearing and an up or down vote by Congress within a specific timeframe.
  5. Follow Through – Where changes are made, review or reassess and report the results achieved.


Why GTI?

The federal government’s financial condition and outlook has deteriorated dramatically over a number of years. Simply stated, the government is on an unsustainable fiscal path and in need of major transformational reform in order to meet the needs of our country moving forward. We need to transform our government by refocusing:

  • What it does;
  • How it does it;
  • How it performs;
  • How it is financed; and
  • How it measures success.


It’s the Right Thing for Our Government

With a statutory Commission or Task Force whose only focus is the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of federal agencies and their programs, Congress and the Administration for the first time will have the dedicated capacity to ensure:

  • Programs are results-based and serve the American people
  • Programs are efficient and effective in their execution
  • Duplicative programs are eliminated
  • Existing legislation designed to improve government is fully enacted
  • Resources, ideas, and innovations are appropriately shared across government and have meaningful impact


Download the PDF Full Brochure

Read GTI’s White Paper, “Making the Federal Government More Economical, Efficient, and Effective By Creating a Government Transformation Commission” or visit www.gti-coalition.org for more information.