Data is the new currency on which results are achieved, decisions are made, and programs achieve the intended results. It requires a full ecosystem to be effective.

Large integrated data sets have become essential to optimizing organizational performance. Data drives performance helping to determine strategy, enable faster decision making, and tell critical organizational stories. COE helps unlock your data potential by developing data strategies, building repositories and analytic tools, and designing governance and approaches to ensure your data is robust, clean, accurate, complete, and integrated. Our Data Innovation solutions include:

Data Ecosystem

Building a Data Ecosystem

Helping you create the entire data infrastructure from technology to robust data, to governance, culture, and user support.

Data Planning and Development

Assessing the accuracy, completeness, and overall quality of existing data sources. Developing critical solutions for filling known data gaps.

Data Analytics, Visualization and Decision Making

Developing tools, dashboards, and portals to learn the secrets your data is trying to tell you. Providing advisory support to help you interpret data outputs.

System Development and Integration

Building comprehensive technology solutions that warehouse and enable full use and reporting from your data suite that is flexible, scalable, accessible, and secure.

Data Infrastructure and Capacity Assessment

Assessing and auditing data capability for efficiency, utility, effectiveness, accuracy, privacy, and security. Ensuring your data is integrated for effective decision making and story telling.

Data Program Management Office (PMO) Support

Providing full lifecycle expert data program support from planning, design, protection, interoperability, and implementation. Supporting user skill development, problem solving, and change management. Supporting internal data functions with experts who manage the lifecycle and stakeholders to provide in-house solutions for data generation, dissemination, decision-making, and technology management. We manage your data assets included in the standardization, cleansing, sharing and publication.

What Our Clients Are Saying About COE

“Thanks again for the outstanding efforts on getting prepared and executing data management, standardization, and integration across this large enterprise. We’ve gone from Forming, Storming, and Norming to ‘Performing’ in a very short period of time. I appreciate all of your efforts.”

Senior Executive

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