Now more than ever people want to work differently, and organizations need to plan for the future of work.

Unleash the impact of your most critical asset to help efficiently and effectively achieve your mission. Build a high-performing workforce, capable of adapting to change and evolving. COE ensures your workforce and the human capital systems are aligned with your mission, skilled, sized, and prepared for the work requirements and workload. Our HC services include:

Strategic Human Capital Planning

Designing and developing workforce oversight plans, requirements, and programs.

Workforce Planning

Aligning the workforce with organizational imperatives and market conditions.

Knowledge and Performance Management

Developing and validating the tools for an effective workforce.

Human Resources Information Systems

Assessing, designing and building effective human resource systems to enhance human capital management.

Government-Wide HC Transformation

Helping government assess and transform the entire human capital management ecosystem to be more effective and honor the workforce.

Change Management

Assessing readiness and guiding change within your organization to ensure adaptation and alignment with new imperatives.

What Our Clients Are Saying About COE

“COE showed a thorough understanding of our agency’s needs and desires and worked to assure we had an effective human capital plan. COE diligently worked with senior leadership to assure all Agency needs were identified and addressed. COE’s commitment to customer satisfaction was evident throughout contract performance.”

Agency Deputy Associate Director for Management and Administration

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