Technology must be an enabler of efficiency and effectiveness, not just added cost.

We create solutions that solve business problems. Developing and implementing enterprise solutions are inextricably connected to the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations. We begin with the big picture (strategy), design and develop solutions using Agile methodology and ensure it is aligned with your business imperatives. Our IT solutions include:

Enterprise Systems Design and Development

Agile based end-to-end designing and developing of major systems with complex requirements, multiple stakeholders, and security mandates.

Change Management

Assessing readiness and guiding change within your organization to ensure adaptation and alignment with new imperatives.

IT Program Management Office (PMO) Support

Establishing and executing program objectives consistent with requirements, outcomes, budgets, timelines, policy, documentation, change control, and results.

IT Program Assessment

Assessing the effectiveness of your programs, systems, and security to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

Advanced Technology Integration

Design, development, and integration of advanced technologies such as robotic process automation (Bots), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, and others to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and their processes.

What Our Clients Are Saying About COE

“COE has built a highly experienced, senior-level team for our enterprise system that uses proven processes and methodologies to deliver the best value, lowest risk solution. Highlights of COE’s solutions include a proven track record of supporting IT service requirements, knowledgeable staff, strong relationships with key stakeholders, and knowledge of systems.”

Agency Contracting Officer

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