The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) embraces and honors the value of equality within our democracy. We must contribute to the elimination of systemic racism, unconscious bias, and every form of discrimination.

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Our policies, programs, and the actions of all our staff must contribute to equal and fair treatment of all. The outcomes of our actions must be consistent, regardless of the color of one’s skin, national origin, gender, or orientation. To embrace this, we will:

  1. Have clear and concise anti-discrimination policies that all employees are provided and educated in.
  2. Ensure the application of our policies and employee selection, management, and assessment is free of bias.
  3. Hold all COE managers and employees accountable for equitable and fair treatment of employees, clients, partners, vendors, and others.
  4. Hold our clients, partners, vendors, and others accountable for their positions within the context of our partnership arrangement and application.
  5. Review, eliminate, or revise any policy or practice that is found to be discriminatory and ensure accusations or acts of discrimination are not marginalized in discussions or actions.
  6. Provide open and safe forums or outreach opportunities for employees who feel oppressed or discriminated against due to their engagement with COE.
  7. Work where we can, to dismantle discriminatory practices, privilege, microaggression, and unconscious bias in our company and society. Admit when we are wrong.
  8. Readily adopt all client contract clauses requiring COE to have policies and anti-discriminatory practices.