Steve Goodrich Publishes A Little Instruction Book for Congress

The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Steve Goodrich’s second book, A Little Instruction Book for Congress, bicameral and bipartisan thoughts on leading a great nation!

A short quick read of anecdotes, guidance, and reflective thoughts, this book informs us all about the foundation of our democracy, the role of Congress, and the role of each Congressperson in easy-to-understand ways. Available on Amazon, it makes suggestions for improving how laws are made, how to better focus on America, playing more effectively in the sandbox with each other, and improving Congressional processes.

Excerpts include:

  • Give America a sense of purpose and focus rather than fear and polarization.
  • Unalienable means it cannot be taken away.
  • Use evidence-based decision-making for Congress, not just the Executive Branch.
  • You don’t have to agree, but you do have to act.
  • Include means-testing for appropriate legislation.
  • Stop kicking the can and each other.

About Steve Goodrich

Steve Goodrich is a non-partisan expert in organizational effectiveness and the CEO of The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc., having served to improve government for well over 40 years. His previous book, Transforming Government from Congress to the Cubicle (September 2016), served to help guide reforms in government.

About COE

For more than 38 years, COE has been a trusted partner in helping clients transform their organizations and programs to accomplish their mission more efficiently and effectively. We are trusted advisors that help government better serve the American people.