COE is proud to announce that it has entered a Joint Venture Partnership with NTIS to support the broad data system and advanced technology needs of federal agencies.

“COE looks forward to expanding our support to federal agencies as a trusted advisor in data innovation and advanced technology said Steve Goodrich, COE, President and CEO.  We look forward to working in partnership with NTIS who provides fast and innovative solutions to advance priorities, promote economic growth, and enable operational excellence. Coupled with COE’s mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies, this is the perfect partnership.

Data is the new currency on which results are achieved, decisions are made, and programs achieve the intended results. It requires a full ecosystem to be effective. Federal agencies are rapidly trying to improve their large-scale data ecosystems to provide strong analytical and decision-making capacity and utilizing advanced technologies to improve agency efficiency and effectiveness. They are integrating multiple data sources to tell stories, have valid results, and strengthening the workforce enabling them to move from low to high valued work. NTIS and COE are on the forefront of this revolution.

About COE

For more than 36 years, COE has been a trusted partner in helping our clients transform their organizations and programs to more efficiently and effectively accomplishing their mission. We help our clients achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes by designing and delivering strategy and development consulting solutions in the areas of organizational effectiveness, data innovation, human capital, and information technology. We are known as trusted advisors to help you better serve the American people.

About NTIS

NTIS is part of “America’s Data Agency,” the U.S. Department of Commerce. We help federal agencies make better decisions about data, with data. We provide the support and structure that helps our partners securely store, analyze, sort, and aggregate data in new ways. We use our private-sector partners’ knowledge to create new ways of using data to solve problems. Our Joint Venture program works side-by-side with universities, nonprofits, and industry professionals — together, they can meet their data science and advanced technologies needs or experiment before they are available in the marketplace.

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