The Clock Is Ticking on Trump's Management Agenda

Government Executive | December 13, 2017

Human capital – the lifeblood of the government – is just one of many management priorities that lack a presidential agenda.

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OPM Can Lead the Transformation of Government

By Steve Goodrich | Published in Government Executive | November 29, 2017

The Office of Personnel Management has a rare opportunity to lead government transformation.

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Overcoming the Strategy Execution Gap

Government Executive | December 7, 2017

Agency reform and evidence based policy initiatives will fail if agencies don’t start leveraging their best resource — their employees.

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Attrition is not a strategy and workforce reductions may not be the answer government needs.

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Beware of Unicorns

Federal Computer Week | December 6, 2017

Emerging technologies can be transformative, but your ‘unicorn’ system may give you rabies if the purchase wasn’t based on improving mission outcomes.

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Deputy Secretaries must take responsibility for agencies’ outcomes and operational excellence.

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