Creating Capacity to Enable Effective Change

The Center for Organizational Excellence (COE) and the Senior Executives Association(SEA) undertook an initiative to develop recommendations to Congress and the Administration to reform the capacity of Human Capital Management across the federal government.

We did not attempt to address civil service modernization per se as many other reports already have. Instead, we attempted to answer the question: Why after so many expert recommendations over many years has the civil service not been modernized?” Our answer was the government is lacking the capacity to do so at several levels.

Therefore, our recommendations centered around the requirements to build that capacity focusing on:

  • Legislative and Administration leadership
  • Reforming OPM to have strategic capacity
  • Inspiring and investing in the federal workforce

Our goal is to enact a Human Capital Reform Act, which would begin the process of building the required capacity. We wish to strengthen the governance and functions of HCM and thus improve the civil service and strengthen and honor the federal workforce. To do so we need a more constructive and comprehensive discussion that results in action. 

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