Our Clients

Doing the Right Thing, Always. Spending our clients’ funds wisely, implementing valid methods, acting with integrity, and engaging the client with professionalism, capacity, and expertise.
Achieving Results of Consequence. Achieving meaningful and measurable outcomes for our clients’ organizations.

Our People

Respect. Respect for each person’s contribution and wellbeing as well as their willingness to develop themselves.
Positioned to Succeed. Having the expertise, consulting acumen, intellectual curiosity, professionalism, and energy to succeed.
Home and Family. Sustaining a life beyond COE that is meaningful and nourishing.
Willingness to Engage. Demonstrating the desire and capacity to lean forward, grow, stretch oneself and participate in problem-solving and meaningful success attainment.

Our Business

Positioned to Succeed. Achieving our goals and contributing to our profession and the market, enabling COE to be strong and recognized as an industry leader.
Positioned for Consistency. Being consistent in our approach to business, work, growth, and people and being a model of excellence.