Our Clients

  • Achieving Results of Consequence. Doing the right thing for the client’s organization and achieving meaningful results in an atmosphere of care for the client, and their programs and organizations. Providing holistic solutions that achieve alignment across all organizational systems.
  • Provide Consistent Quality. Having the systems, tools, methods, and trained staff to provide high quality services consistent with COE’s 4 Quadrants of Quality framework. Creating sustained solutions for their organizations that are meaningful and measurable.
  • Ensure Validity. Ensuring all analyses conducted, programs developed, and recommendations made are supported by proven methods and substantiated by evidence.
  • Develop Strong Relationships. Establishing a relationship of trust and rapport; by being robust, complete, and honest as well as ensuring you receive the full benefit of our expertise.
  • Spend Money Wisely. We know your money is not to be wasted. Value must be provided and the money must be prudently spent to achieve the desired result.

Our People

  • Strong Expertise. Selecting and developing staff employees who apply their expertise using consistent COE frameworks, competencies, and values.
  • Always Ethical. Naturally abiding by laws, policies, and COE defined professional tenants, and being above reproach. More importantly, always doing the right thing.
  • Balance Work Life with Home and Family. Ensuring COE can help employees sustain a positive life beyond COE.

Our Business

  • Ensure Strength. Creating a critical capacity in our organization so we may continuously innovate, improve, provide opportunity for our people, and realize the benefit of a world-class firm.
  • Ensure Confidence in COE. Providing consistency in our services, outcomes, and outputs in such a way that clients have confidence in our ability to help them.