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Stop Complaining About Federal Hiring and Fix it

It’s not an insurmountable problem. As I walk the halls of many agencies the two biggest complaints I hear are: “It takes too long to hire people”...

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A Novel Concept for Fiscal Reform

A Call for a National Summit Without fiscal reform, our demise may be certain. While I am not an economist (my expertise lies in organizational effectiveness),...

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Being a Federal Employee, Simplified

For years I have read articles, listened to the pundits and politicians, and overheard many water cooler conversations about the lack of performance and...

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How Agencies Should Prep for Artificial Intelligence

Here are the opportunities and requirements for success. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of computers systems to perform tasks that normally...

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Do Your Programs Still Fit?

Perhaps you should try them on for size.From Grace Commissions to the National Performance Reviews (NPR) to Presidents Management Agendas (PMAs) to the...

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How Sharing Could Accelerate Reform

Active best practice sharing across government makes things better, faster, and cheaper.You know the old adage, you learned how to share in kindergarten and...

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Imagine the Possibilities of Real HR Reform

Most discussions about improving federal personnel management turn to civil service reform, employee engagement, performance management, FEVS scores, workforce...

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Disruption Is Necessary to Change Government

What often feels disruptive brings a new normal.  Historically the term disruption was used to describe turmoil or disorder in a system, culture, or group....

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