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Achieving Real Transformation in Federal Government [commentary]

Co-authored by both David M. Walker and Steve Goodrich, this article—which is housed on the FederalTimes homepage—talks about their expert opinions on what...

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Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government

*NEWSFLASH UPDATE* On August 9, 2017, COE hosted the first Agency Reform Summit. Hear what your fellow agency colleagues...

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Three Killer B’s of Government Effectiveness

We love discourse and debate as much as anyone, but on the topic of government effectiveness and efficiency, there are so many pundits giving opinions on what...

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Transforming Government from Congress to the Cubicle

This is not a book about national policy or legislative initiatives, it’s about the management practices and behaviors that need to take place to transform...

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Why Do We Sometimes Insulate Ourselves from the Truth?

It’s an interesting phenomenon we observe during this election season, the adoration of a candidate or perhaps unrelenting allegiance regardless of their...

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Performance Improvement Begins with Change

Change management is critical today given the immense transformations occurring in regulatory compliance, technology, the workforce, global economics and more....

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5 Reasons Why Government Agencies Fail at Workforce Planning

Workforce planning has never been more important than it is today. With baby boomers entering retirement, millennials now represent the lion's share of the new...

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Two years in: A Look at the Current Status of the DATA Act

At just over two years old, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) has progressed towards implementation of its key provisions in May 2017,...

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