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How to Respond to the President’s Management Agenda

With change comes opportunity.The White House Office of Management and Budget’s recent release of President Trump’s management agenda calls for modernizing...

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Modernizing Government for the 21st Century

Click here to view the full PDF. Supported by Modern Information Technology Data, Accountability, Transparency Effective and Strong Workforce PMA Outcomes ...

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The Clock is Ticking on Trump’s Management Agenda

The Clock Is Ticking on Trump's Management AgendaGovernment Executive | December 13, 2017 Human capital – the lifeblood of the government – is just one of...

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Seven Things About Agency Reform You Need to Know

There is a lot going on in the government transformation and reform space and it’s tempting to close your eyes and wait until the dust clears to open...

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OPM Can Lead the Transformation of Government

The Office of Personnel Management has a rare opportunity to lead government transformation. For those who would argue that OPM has been overly focused on the...

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The Top 10 Silent Killers of Government Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Trump administration’s government reform initiative has gone quiet in the past few months. Apparently, the White House is incorporating these plans into...

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What Does True Government Transformation Look Like?

Transformation is about an organization or program moving from one state of being to another. It implies a significant and disruptive change that is...

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Reform Should Focus on Workforce Alignment, Not On Staffing Cuts

Federal employees are the primary drivers for how government work gets done, decisions get made, and values are upheld. Maintaining a high performing workforce...

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